The Oblates of Wisdom - A Profile

Why We Exist

        The priestly Society of the Oblates of Wisdom was founded in 1979 to foster love for Jesus through Mary and thus to promote the teaching of the Church in the light of her dogmatic, moral, and mystical tradition. By recourse to the intercession of Mary, we Oblates of Wisdom are able to live each succeeding day with the joy and hope that the Apostles experienced on the first Pentecost Sunday. Our call to holiness is the call of God, our Father, to unite ourselves to the Heart of Jesus, the Eternal Wisdom, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Seat of Wisdom.

        Oblates of Wisdom constantly seek to fortify their ordinary priestly life and ministry by organized study of the teaching of the Church and of the sources of Divine Revelation. They seek to understand the directives of the Second Vatican Council and to apply them to present circumstances in keeping with the tradition that forms the background of the Council. They strive to know and to live those holy traditions which justify and sanctify souls. They illustrate the truths of the Catholic Faith by learning to appreciate the deep aspects and the inerrancy of Sacred Scripture, using for this purpose a neo-Patristic approach which enables them to combat and overcome errors that are circulating in the Church today.


        The Society of the Oblates of Wisdom is a society of priests canonically erected in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, as a public association of the faithful for service in the Diocese of La Crosse and in various other parts of the world. Some members remain in their own dioceses and promote the aims of the Society from there. They take vows of wisdom and chastity and live according to the Rule that is set down in their Constitution. Other members take an oath of adherence to the Central Community of the Oblates of Wisdom and work full time in the corporate apostolate of the Society. Sworn members are pledged to a life of simplicity, chastity, and obedience, although they continue to manage their own financial affairs. They may also take vows of wisdom and chastity. They are required to remain detached from worldly pursuits and to be generous to the apostolate.

Some Spiritual Practices of the Members

        In their theological orientation, Oblates of Wisdom are anti-Modernist and place a marked constructive emphasis on fidelity to the Church's Magisterium. Their spirituality is strongly traditional and is based on their consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They make at least an hour of meditative prayer each day, and their daily vocal exercises include at least five decades of the Rosary together with other Marian prayers. In their meetings, Oblates encourage one another to deepen their faith and to increase their awareness of things that make them better and more effective priests. They promote the knowledge and use of Latin in liturgical functions as well as the intelligent use of the vernacular. They support the policy of the Universal Church regarding the use of the traditional Latin liturgy, in order to meet the needs of all the faithful, especially those who are traditionally disposed.

        Oblates of Wisdom do not smoke or drink liquor at any time; they may drink a moderate amount of wine or beer with meals. Oblates of Wisdom wear their clerical dress at all reasonable times. They have personal practices of piety in keeping with the Rule and spirit of the Society. The Rule of the Society is rigorous regarding doctrinal orthodoxy and moral rectitude; it is moderate regarding ascetic practices, but sufficiently firm to sustain a balanced, responsible, and holy priestly life.

Why become an
Oblate of Wisdom?

If you are a diocesan priest or qualified student
and agree with these practices:

  • consecration to Jesus through Mary
  • personal and group rule of life
  • apostolate favoring Catholic tradition
  • at least five study hours a week
  • clerical dress
  • abstinence from liquor and tobacco,
you may be called to be an Oblate of Wisdom priest.

Oblates of Wisdom
P.O. Box 13230
St. Louis, MO 63157

Admission into the Society

        Diocesan priests who support the ideals of the Society may join while remaining in their diocesan assignments and without any commitment of obedience to persons in the Society. Students of suitable talent and background, preferably with at least two years of college study, may apply for entry into the Oblates of Wisdom Priestly Formation Program, for the purpose of receiving guidance in a residential or non-residential curriculum of studies and training. Younger students may apply for earlier guidance. More information regarding this program is available upon request. Oblate members of the Central Community are ministering in the Caribbean area and in other places. Those who join the Central Community must be ready to serve away from their home country. Wherever they serve, they bring with them the Rule and spirit of the Society and the moral support of the whole Oblate community. If you are ready to give your life to Jesus through Mary as a priest or future priest dedicated to Divine Wisdom, the Oblates of Wisdom would like to hear from you.

Send inquiries to: The Director
Oblates of Wisdom
P.O. Box 13230
St. Louis, MO 63157

Tel (314) 621-2055

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Updated 24 September 2005